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About Us

Anhydritec is a Business Unit of the Minersa Group, producer of industrial minerals and chemical products. Minersa is one of the largest producers of synthetic anhydrite in Europe.

Anhydritec is a European leader in anhydrite technologies for all type of applications and markets, from construction (flowing screeds) through  industrial applications (cement, fertilizer industries, etc.).

With 5 production facilities, 6 laboratories and 2 R&D centers, Anhydritec has a wide industrial organisation in Europe to cover all markets. Our R&D centre is at the forefront of new technologies and actively works on anhydrite-based innovations to provide our customers with the most efficient solutions.

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N°1 in Europe for self levelling screeds solutions Anhydrite production capacity around 700 ktones 5 Industrial sites in Europe 2 R&D centers and 6 labs Sales in 15 countries

What is anhydrite

Anhydrite is a mineral of the Calcium Sulphate family (CaSO4). Unlike other minerals, such as gypsum (CaSO4,2H2O), anhydrite does not contain any water in its crystal structure: it’s an anhydrous compound.
This feature, as well as its specific crystalline configuration, make anhydrite a unique material with outstanding properties beneficial in many industrial applications.

Although anhydrite can be found in natural mineral deposits, it can also be obtained as a byproduct from different industrial processes. The Minersa Group produces, processes and markets the latest variety of this more sustainable anhydrite.

What is Anhydrite

Our activities

Screed solutions :

In construction, anhydrite can advantageously replace traditional cement, as a binder for screed mortars.

Anhydrite is widely used in floor screed applications because of its numerous advantages: better fluidity for self-leveling, greater dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and outstanding thermal conductivity.

Our dedicated brands :Gyvlon ScreedGyvlon Mobil

Our activities

Industrial applications :

Synthetic anhydrite can also be used as an additive for many industrial applications, such as :

  • Cement production : to bring specific properties such as set time controller, enhancer of mechanical strength, shrinkage inhibiter ...
  • Aerated block production : to generate hydrogen emission when the anhydrite reacts with the aluminum powder.
  • Fertilizer production : to bring calcium and sulphate as fertilizing elements or as a mineral filler.
  • Inerting industry : to neutralize polluted soil in order to prevent further pollution spread.

Our dedicated brand :Tecdrit

Our activities